Production Facility

They boast excellent quality and performance and be found in diverse industries.

Facility Name Reverberatory Furnance
Purpose Melting Furance Holding Furance
Quantity 1 2
Remarks 70t 40t
Facility Name Continuous Casting Machine
Purpose Ingot Casting
Quantity 4 1
Remarks 5kg 10kg
Facility Name Automatic Loading Robot
Purpose Automatic Ingot Loading
Quantity 4
Remarks 500/1000kg
Facility Name Reprocessor
Purpose Extracting aluminum from dross during the process(Dross squeezing)
Quantity 2
Remarks -
Facility Name Prevention Facility
Purpose Collecting impurities such as dust generated from the furnace(Dust collect)
Quantity 1 1 2 1
Remarks 2,500 ㎥/min 270 ㎥/min 2,000 ㎥/min 1,500 ㎥/min