We are pursuing sustainable development and
prioritizing environmental protection and resource conservation.
Pursuing safety as the top priority
We prioritize everyone’s safety by proactively eliminating potential hazards in the workplace
Environmentally friendly business
We engage in environmentally friendly practices by utilizing scraps and producing with minimal energy consumption. By using liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a heat source, which requires only 5% of the energy for refining from bauxite, we minimize our environmental impact.

We greet you with our utmost respect.
With 40 years of dedication and commitment to our customers, we strive to achieve customer delight through our industry-leading technological capabilities.
In 2023, we expanded and relocated to Gumi National Industrial Complex, which reached a second level of entrepreneurship and established a safety, environmental, and quality management system to provide better services to our customers.
As employees of KM metal Co., Ltd., we will make every effort to foster mutual growth with our customers.
Thank you for your continuous support.

All Employees of KM metal Co., Ltd.