Process Precision

KM metal Co., Ltd. produces reliable products.

STEP. 01
Raw Material Reception/Import Inspection
  • Weighing of incoming raw materials
  • Import inspection
  • Sorting of different materials
STEP. 02
Melting and Refining Process Inspection
  • Measurement and charging of raw materials
  • Melting and removal of DROSS
    Iron removal
  • Intermediate inspection and adjustment of alloying elements
  • Degassing and refining within the furnace
STEP. 03
Casting and Accumulation
  • Ingot 4 lines after tapping and continuous casting with the machine with legs 1 line
  • Rapid cooling using cooling water
  • Automatic accumulation using ROBOT
STEP. 04
Shipping Inspection and Packaging
  • Final inspection of composition, appearance, etc.
  • Packaging/Identifying
  • Shipping inspection and product shipment